Board portal for private and community foundations

For more productive, accountable boards

Access your board materials, data and activities all in one place. Board portals centralize and automate your foundation’s board management. Board packets, meeting invites and tasks can be easily created and shared. As a result, time and effort can be refocused on what matters: driving the mission forward.

Board transparency transparency

Full board transparency

Comprehensive member profiles keep track of biographical information, affiliations and other details. Activities, financial contributions and other performance metrics are updated in real-time for easy reporting and full transparency.

Bylaws, policies, meeting minutes and voting records can be kept on file for universal reference. User-level permissions add security levels, so board members and staff can only access the documents they’re allowed to view.

Cloud-based & secure secure

Cloud-based and secure

Protect your foundation’s institutional memory by storing board documents in the cloud. This way, you can save Important files from hardware damage or a staff member leaving.

BoardMax solutions make critical information accessible anywhere and on any device, in a central repository with enterprise backup.