Easy management of higher education boards

Maximize your board’s impact

BoardMax provides scalable solutions for K-12 school districts, community colleges, universities and alumni associations. A board portal can house all materials, member profiles and meeting minutes in a central repository. Eliminate or automate administrative tasks with a suite of tools designed to make your board more productive and effective.

Save time & money time-money

Save time and money

Eliminate tedious, costly meeting packets from your boardroom. BoardMax makes it easy to aggregate notes and data into a single, electronic board book. Input different file types and build a board packet that can be distributed electronically. Board members can then export, print or view it on any device.

Manage board performance performance

Performance driven board management

Automatic tracking and reporting of time, attendance, tasks and financial contributions help evaluate board members against expectations. Run reports to immediately evaluate board performance. Board leaders can use this data to inform committee participation, leadership decisions and management discussions, as well as track progress against organizational and resource development goals.

Manage documents resources

All resources within reach

With a board portal, all meeting materials and organizational documentation are organized and accessible to board, committee and staff members. Everything from board books to bylaws can be managed in a centralized location, which ensures that key information is always safe and available.

Drive good governance and ensure organizational compliance by housing IRS requirements, accreditation bodies and fiscal audits all within a single, secure document repository. Store past meeting information, 990s, conflict of interest policies and independent director requirements.