Boost ROI and organizational productivity

Maximize success with a board portal

Your board’s success has a trickle-down effect into other areas of your organization. If board meetings and activities aren’t aligned with your organization’s mission and strategic plan, goals won’t be met and opportunities left untapped.

As an executive director, have you experienced: 

  • Lack of visibility into board member and committee performance?
  • Board activities that don’t align with the nonprofit’s overall strategic direction?
  • Board processes that pull time and money away from mission-centric activities?
  • A shortfall of time and money to achieve organizational goals?
  • Disengaged board members?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you’re a good candidate for a board portal. Gain 360-degree visibility into your board’s pursuits and performance with an online repository of board-related materials and automated reporting.

Built-in meeting, document and member management features reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Reallocate this time and money to more strategic tasks. 

Align organizational goals goals

Align the board with organizational goals

You’ve invested the money in creating a strategic plan for your organization; don’t let it just sit on a shelf. Upload key details, such as mission, vision, goals and high-level strategies, into your board portal. From there, you can monitor progress by goal, committee or task owner to ensure all board activities are purposeful and on track.

Robust reporting capabilities provide in-depth insight into your board’s success relative to your organization’s goals. 

Reduce time & costs time-costs

Reduce board management time and costs

Board management software reduces time and money needed to manage board documents, meetings and members. Calendar invites, meeting reminders, RSVPs, performance reporting and more can all be automated, freeing your staff’s time.

You can also eliminate paper and printing costs by hosting board books, agendas and other board-related materials in a centralized, digital location.

Mitigate risk risk

Mitigate personal and organizational risk

Ensure good governance, regulatory compliance and efficiency with increased insight into board activities and performance. Simplify due diligence with real-time snapshots of projects and goal progress, and a central hub for all board-related information.

House conflict of interest policies, 990s and independent director requirements within the portal for compliance with IRS requirements, accreditation bodies and fiscal audits.

See how BoardMax can cost-effectively align your board with the organization’s overall strategy.