Maximize board member involvement with a board portal

Strengthen board member impact

Board members are key to the success of the organizations they serve, but all too often are left questioning the value of contributions and their strategic impact on the organization. According to our 2015 State of Board Engagement Report, more than one in ten believe the board has little-to-no influence on strategic direction.

Often times, this is a direct result of poorly articulated expectations, inefficient communication processes, misuse of member talent and other items directly tied to the organization’s board management practices.

As a board member, have you experienced:

  • Lengthy board meetings that lack focus, direction or a clear agenda?
  •  Attachment-heavy email chains with board-related materials?
  • Difficulty finding the specific board documents you need?
  • Stalled projects due to a lack of accountability among members?
  • Ambiguity regarding the organization’s overall goals and strategic plan?

The good news: Board management software can solve these challenges, and help busy members (like you) maximize involvement and impact.

Focused meetings meetings

Focused, productive meetings — every time

With BoardMax, board-related materials, such as meeting agendas and board packets, are available 24/7 online though a secured login. This makes it simple to stay informed and better prepare for meetings. It also helps keep meetings on task.

Receive email meeting invites and reminders that sync directly with your personal calendaring system, and RSVP with just a click.

Can’t attend? No problem. View posted meeting minutes to get caught up on what was discussed and next steps.

On-the-go access fingertips

Information at your fingertips

View and download board documents from your preferred device—laptop, mobile phone or tablet—for increased visibility and on-the-go access. Board materials are housed securely in a centralized location, so you’re never left wondering where you saved them or which is the latest version.

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Clear expectations expectations

A clear view of expectations

Within the portal, board members and staff can assign one another tasks for ownership. This way, you always know what’s expected of you and have a clear understanding of others’ responsibilities. It also provides board administrators and directors transparency into your activities, helping them fully understand the scope of your involvement and service.

Tasks can also be tied to the organization’s strategic plan, giving you insight into how your board or committees’ activities align with overall goals and mission.

Mitigated risk risk

Mitigated risk

Board members are responsible for overseeing organizational financial accountability and ensuring sound business practices. Easy access to information makes it easier to perform your due diligence, and ensure organizational and personal compliance.

See how BoardMax can keep you better informed and engaged.