Alleviate governance challenges with a board portal 

Streamline board management

Board management consists of many steps—collecting board materials, creating board packets, managing meetings, communicating with members, tying board activities to organizational goals and so much more. Each is a vital piece that allows nonprofit boards to thrive. Well-run meetings, access to resources, a voice in the organization and a unique role to play all contribute to happy, effective and loyal board members.

Streamline board activities with a centralized portal:

  • Keep track of all board materials, information, meetings, activities and tasks.
  • Track and measure board engagement.
  • Ensure compliance, drive good governance and mitigate risk.
  • Connect board activities to organizational goals.

No matter your role, our board solutions are here to help.

Administrative assistant admin

Administrative assistant

Sound board management calls for the strategic organization of all meeting materials and information. However, if managed manually, gathering, compiling and printing board packets, and scheduling and managing meeting invites can be a time-intensive process. Simplify administrative tasks with board management software.

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Executive executive


Boost the return on investment of organizational resources. Reduce unnecessary paper and printing costs of board-related materials, such as board packets and meeting agendas. Increase admin productivity and free time for more strategic tasks by decreasing time spent on meeting, document and member management.

Executives can also tie board goals and tasks to the organization’s strategic plan for more focused efforts and greater transparency into board performance.

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Board member board

Board member

Board members are the lifeblood of the organizations they serve. Provide members 24/7 access to the information they need (e.g. meeting agendas, minutes and action items), from the device of their choosing.

A board portal also enables better collaboration via member profiles, meeting and document management, task assignments, polls and online voting.

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