Maximizing Board Engagement & Effectiveness

A 2013 survey conducted by StreamLink Software and the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management uncovers how board members perceive engagement within their organizations.

In “Maximizing Board Engagement & Effectiveness,” we summarize what results revealed about the motivations and drivers of board members, outline the symptoms (and underlying causes) of board member complacency, debunk myths, and share steps you can take to increase engagement and future-proof your nonprofit board. 

  • Learn how to spot the symptoms of disengagement in your board.
  • Find out what board members really think about their responsibilities and expectations.
  • Evaluate the four main causes of board member disengagement—misalignment of mission, passively managed expectations, communication silos and unplugged talent.  
  • Discover how you can future-proof your board by better engaging today’s board and effectively recruiting tomorrow’s board.
  • Consider how your board can leverage technology to increase engagement, improve productivity and maximize impact.

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