Comprehensive Board Management Software

Manage all board-related activities from a single secure online interface.

Save Time

  • Manage board materials
  • Create agendas in minutes
  • Organize packets
  • Store materials centrally
  • Update meeting information

Increase Engagement

  • Track attendance/engagement
  • Set up automated reminders
  • Conduct votes
  • Access materials anywhere
  • Archive past meetings

All documents from board books to bylaws are stored securely in a cloud-based central repository, not passed around back and forth or stored on one person’s laptop. As a result, key information will be safe and available even if there are disruptions caused by anything from natural disaster to changes in staffing.

“Adopting BoardMax has allowed Oregon Food Bank to streamline our board communications, greatly reduce paper and mailings, and keep current and historical information always at our board members’ fingertips. We can’t imagine going back to our old way of operating.” – Amy Green, Executive Support Manager, Oregon Food Bank 


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