How to Nominate and Elect the Perfect Board Member

checklist-1917547_1280-1-013255-edited.jpgBoard members are a critical component to what makes your organization tick. They serve as your advocates, organizers and fundraising champions.

The process of obtaining new members should be sound and organized. From vetting to nominations and elections, approach each step with diligence to find the perfect board members.

1. Evaluate

Evaluate potential board members to determine whether their characteristics, qualifications, and connections are a fit for your organization. Ask yourself:

  • Does this individual align with our Reinvigorate-Board-Members-The-Power-of-a-Mission-Moment”missions and beliefs?
  • What are their core skill sets?
  • How did we come across this candidate?
  • Does this individual possess leadership skills?
  • What value could he or she provide our organization?
  • Are there any talent or skill gaps this individual can fill on our board?
  • What type of connections does he or she have?
  • Does this individual get along well with others?
  • Does this individual have experience with previous board-related work?

2. Nominate

Once board members have been initially vetted, it’s time for your organization’s nominating committee to step in. Provide a list of top candidates that have made the cut thus far. Through discussion and review, have the committee break down the list to their preferred candidates who will then be nominated at the next meeting.

3. Elect

Once nominees have been submitted, it’s time to vote! This will be the final (and most important) step to selecting your new board member(s).

Determine how existing board members will vote (e.g. written ballots or verbally). Written ballots can be beneficial because they allow members to vote in confidence, but there is the potential votes could get lost or misplaced. Voting verbally allows for open discussion, but could sway people’s opinions away from their own. Take the time to evaluate which option would be the best route for your board.

Provide context or further discussion, if needed, prior to voting. Consider an open discussion to verify details and nominee expertise. This can help your board achieve more educated board selection results, and, in turn, a solid new board member!

How does your board select new board members? Share with us in the comments below.

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