The Positive Impact of Board Technology

  54t5rivyaii-taduuda-149840-edited.jpgAccording to our 2016 Board Engagement Report, 60% of our respondents use a board portal or other board management software (up from 53% in 2015). The technology helps streamline and organize board management processes. So what benefits can you receive from a board portal? Let’s find out.

1. Higher Board Satisfaction Levels

An organization’s ability to effectively use member skills and talents strongly influences overall member satisfaction. When respondents believe their skills and talents are being used effectively, 86% were satisfied with their contributions. When they weren’t used effectively, only 57% were satisfied. Board management software can help your organization maximize its talent. Ninety-one percent of board members at organizations using board portals agree their skills are used effectively, compared to 82% at organizations without this technology. As a result, organizations with board portals have board members that are more satisfied with their contributions than those without (85% compared to 77%).

2. Improved Board Communication

BoardMax Board Engagement Report - Improved Board Communication ChartOf organizations that have board management technology, 90% felt it was easy to communicate.

When not using board technology, only 73% felt they were able to easily communicate. A board portal allows nonprofits to send meeting invites, reminders, dedicated tasks and more, which helps you:

  • Clarify board member requirements. Eighty-four percent of board members using a board portal understand their expectations, roles and responsibilities, compared to 80% that don’t have this technology.
  • Ensure meetings are focused. Your board’s time is precious. With board management technology, 98% of board members felt meetings were focused, productive and on agenda, compared to 90% when it was not in place.
  • Evaluate and implement feedback. Put your board’s suggestions into practice to make them feel valued. Feedback also informs you of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Seventy-three percent of board members with board technology felt their boards had processes in place to evaluate and implement board and committee suggestions, compared to 64% of non-users.
  • Centralize information. With a board portal, members can view meeting materials, member profiles, bylaws, policies and compliance documents from their desktops or mobile devices. As a result, 86% of members using a board portal had easy access to information, compared to 60% of non-users.

BoardMax Board Engagement Report - Improved Meeting Focus and Agenda ChartBoardMax Board Engagement Report - Improved Board and Committee Suggestion Collection Chart

3. Better Board Member Engagement

Higher satisfaction and improved communication translates to improved board member engagement. When members are happy and informed, they are more likely to engage in fundraising, advocacy and management activities—helping you reach your goals. How does your organization benefit from board portal technology? Share with us in the comments below.

Board Engagement Report

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