Advanced Search Now Available in BoardMax [Product Update]

Search functionality is now available in our board management product, BoardMax. The feature, available across all BoardMax products, allows users to easily find, access and filter files and information housed throughout the portal.

Below is an overview of what users can expect to see.

BoardMax Search Bar and Tile

Advanced Search

Users will now see a search tile on the main homepage, which will navigate to the advanced search screen. A search bar, found in the upper right-hand corner, gives users quick access to search throughout the portal.

New advanced search features include:

  • Search within items and files. Search queries can contain words within the portal database, such as ballot titles, file names, tasks and roster details. BoardMax also indexes all text-based files (PDF, Word, etc.), enabling users to easily search within uploaded documents.
  • Narrow search to specific date range. Set search parameters with start or end dates to locate items based on the date uploaded or added.
  • Filter results by category. Know exactly what you’re looking for? Search or filter results by item type, such as meetings, roster, strategic plans, tasks, users or voting.

The advanced search functionality is designed to give you more control and help you find relevant files and information, faster.


Easy-to-Navigate Results

A well-maintained portal will contain a wealth of information, which can make finding what you’re looking for a challenge. Matching results will appear on the search results page, which is designed with additional filtering, subcategories and context to make sifting through results more manageable.

  • Results are categorized by item or file and whether they are related to meetings, roster, strategic plans, tasks, users or voting. Toggle between items and files, and filter by the “Related To” feature to find information quickly.
  • See number of results by category. In parenthesis beside each grouping, you’ll see the number of matching items or files that are related to each category. Expand and collapse categories to view individual results.
  • Contextual information. Search results are listed by the item or file title. Additional details, like the parent item and an excerpt with the highlighted search term, provide background on the result’s contents. Access the item instantly by clicking on the title.

Secure Access

BoardMax search is built with the same level of security and confidentiality you’ve come to expect. Search functionality respects all security settings for both organization- and user-level access. Search results are limited to a user’s role and permissions.

We’re happy to introduce a feature that has been frequently requested by our users, and welcome feedback on additional product functionality. Not a BoardMax user? Schedule a demo today.