5 Features to Look for in a Board Portal Purchase

5BoardPortalFeatures-015594-edited-080596-edited.jpgSo your organization is ready to invest in a board portal … now what?

A board management system can help streamline organization and mitigate risk, but it’s essential to know which features will help achieve this before committing.

Below we overview five critical features your board management software should have. 

1. Centralized Document Storage 

Board documents can pile up, causing confusion and disorganization. With a board portal, this no longer has to be an issue. A board management solution can host all critical information, such as:

  • 990s
  • Board books
  • Bylaws
  • Conflict of interest policies
  • Independent director requirements
  • Meeting materials and agendas

This ensures all board-related materials are in a centralized location, making information and documents secure and easily accessible while ensuring compliance along the way.

2. Meeting Management

Meetings are the glue that hold your board together, which means sound management is a must. A good board portal will offer the ability to easily create custom email templates for invites, automate calendar reminders and create meeting agendas in minutes.

A board portal can make your meetings more streamlined, which can increase attendance, improve participation and help members stay on-task.

3. 24/7 Remote Access with Mobile Solutions

As driven and successful individuals, your board members are always on-the-go. Give your board 24/7-access via mobile phone, laptop or tablet so they can view files no matter where they are. For example, if board members are unable to attend a meeting or event, they can pull up details with the click of a button at their convenience.

Catering to your board members’ needs with a mobile solution can help them stay connected and engaged.

4. Board Member Management

Improve member management by customizing specific tasks, responsibilities and priorities to individual board members. This can help board members stay on task and increase your overall visibility.

Enhanced member management can also allow you to create custom member profiles to better manage and set expectations. Run specific reports for each individual board member to track:

  • Board meeting attendance
  • Financial contributions
  • Leadership and management decisions
  • Skills and strengths
  • Tasks

5. Digital Strategic Plan

Bring your organization’s strategic plan to life with the help of a digital interface so you and your members can increase overall interaction. Include critical information, such as:

  • Goals
  • Mission
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Values
  • Vision

When you have this feature built-in to your board portal, you can seamlessly link to areas within your strategic plan to better track progress and performance, setting your board and organization up for success.

Are you looking for more tips to help with your board portal purchase? Download our free guide for a complete purchasing checklist.

Image Source: bykst