How to Build a Digital Board Meeting Packet

Digital_Board_Meeting_Packets-127676-edited.jpgBoard meetings are a vital piece to your nonprofit, but how can you ensure that your members are always in the loop and on task?

The answer is simple – digital board meeting packets.

Let’s take a look at how your board can effectively create digital meeting packets using board management software.

1. What Should I Include in My Board Packet?

Just like your meetings, your board packet should have a strategic purpose. Compile information that will be valuable and relevant to your board members and meeting structure.

A few considerations to include in your digital board meeting packet are: 

  • An agenda to keep conversation focused on the selected topics of discussion.
  • Itineraries, teleconferencing, and logistics (e.g. meeting location, contact information, date and time) so board members can easily find or call in to the meeting.
  • Fundraising and other financial reports to increase transparency and ensure your board is staying on track with funding and expenses.
  • Meeting minutes from your last board meeting to provide board members with a recap for those that attended and an overview for those absent.
  • Important memos from other board members, executives or fundraisers.
  • Supporting documents.
  • Voting information if there is a fundraiser, event, issue, etc. that needs to be decided upon.

2. How Should I Format the Document?

Having valuable content is a key element to creating the perfect board packet, but so is strategic formatting. Ensure your digital board meeting packets are clean and orderly so members are able to easily access information before, after, and during the meeting.

To ensure your digital board packet is created in an organized, concise manner, include the following formatting:

  • Agenda topics with presenter(s), duration, and descriptions
  • Bookmarks
  • Cover Page
  • Organization logo or graphic
  • Page numbers
  • Subheadings and title
  • Table of contents

Board management software offers ready-to-use templates so you can select the one that best fit your board’s preferences and needs.

3. Who Can Access This Information?

When you create digital board packets via board management software, you gain increased insight and control over who can access specific information. Create unique logins for each individual board member, so information is secure and limited to necessary parties. Utilize various user-level permission and security so board members can view only information applicable to them.

In addition to keeping information secure, cloud-based digital board meeting packets are hosted in a central location, which allows board members to stay engaged at their convenience. Board members on-the-go no longer have to worry about missing vital information if they can’t attend meetings. With a digital board meeting packet, they can log in via smartphone, tablet or laptop to obtain important information as they please.

Are you looking for additional ways to increase board member engagement and management? Download our Board Management Tips and Tricks Guide.

Image Source: cosmix