Morgan State University Alumni Association Automates Board Processes

Morgan_State_University_Alumni_Association-126327-edited.jpgWith board portal adoption, organizations can easily manage board materials, meetings, agendas, activities and more all within a centralized location.

BoardMax partnered with the Morgan State University Alumni Association to simplify board management and eliminate unnecessary expenses.


Alumni Association Needed a Board Management Change

The alumni association was looking to increase alumni participation and engagement. However, many alumni presidents and members could not attend quarterly meetings in-person due to distance. While conference calls were used, virtual participants lacked access to the agenda, reports and documents, and had difficulty hearing discussions.

The association was also using a physical voting system for constitution changes, new member elections and other major items. With 400-500 financial members eligible to vote, this resulted in hefty postage fees and delays waiting for responses.

Rev. Dr. Charles D. Fletcher, Jr. evaluated BoardMax as a potential solution. Dr. Fletcher worked with an evaluation team to assess the technology against their current needs, and in May 2014, signed on as a BoardMax customer.

BoardMax Helps Cut Costs, Centralize Data and Increase Engagement

The first phase of the installation included inputting member files and data, and configuring user access levels, and phase two includes online meetings and voting.

The association currently uses BoardMax to vote for its annual chapter and alumni of the year awards. The software has also helped with the establishment of several ad hoc and permanent committees.

Dr. Fletcher stated, “The utilization of these features in BoardMax were very successful. The election produced more than 60% participation by the alumni chapters across the nation, and greatly reduced our mailing costs for alumni ballots and chapter award recommendations compared to past years.”

Though still in the early stages of implementation, he also believes the product provides a great opportunity to capture, and engage, the younger generation of alumni. “We’re still trying to bring that younger generation in, and I think this particular product provides a great opportunity to capture them,” said Dr. Fletcher. “As a business driver, you tend to look at what type of ease do you involve people who are volunteering their time to help make appropriate decisions to facilitate the image of the institution.“

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Image: Unsplash