Catering to On-the-Go Board Members with Mobile Solutions

21796692282 4a90bccfd9 o 2Today’s board members are busy and frequently rely on their mobile phones or tablets to stay abreast of work and personal commitments.

Outlined below, we explore the mobile trend in the boardroom and how nonprofits can benefit from providing board materials in mobile-friendly formats.

Mobile Trends in the Boardroom

According to a 2014 BoardSource report, 83% of nonprofit board members are over the age of 40, which means the push for increasing mobile technology in the boardroom is most likely out of the question…right? Wrong!

Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults own a smartphone, including 79% of those aged 30-49 and 54% aged 50-64. As technology becomes more infused into society, individuals beyond the millennial generation are using mobile devices for communication, information-gathering, email, videos and more. This holds true in the boardroom too.

Nonprofits must shift their business processes to capitalize on technology, including how they communicate with staff and board members. Greater mobility helps board members stay connected—on their own terms. This increases engagement, ensures better alignment with goals and mission, and leads to increased organizational success.

Key Benefits from Enhanced Mobility

Mobile board management solutions provide added convenience and simplicity to keep members engaged and informed. Help your board members:

  • Access all board-related materials, such as board books, meeting minutes and agendas with ease via their preferred device (smartphone, tablet, laptop).
  • Clearly view responsibilities and tasks in a centralized location.
  • Stay connected and engaged with other board members and your organization between meetings.
  • View materials on their tablets or phones during meetings, if needed.

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