Board Management in Action: An Insider’s Look at Board Portal Use

6852168054 f19d43c5a0 o 2In our 2015 Board Engagement Report, we discovered that board portal use is correlated to more clear expectations and responsibilities, higher board attendance, improved access to meeting materials and better utilization of member talent.

More Clear Board Member Expectations and Responsibilities

When board members were provided with enhanced organization through centralization of critical documents, meeting minutes and task lists, they understood expectations and responsibilities better.

Ninety-one percent of board portal users said they understand expectations very well compared to 74% of non-users. Board portal users also felt that expectations and roles were clearly defined more than non-users (90% vs. 71%).

Higher Board Attendance

Our report found that low meeting attendance can be correlated to waning board engagement. That said, board portal users were slightly more likely to attend more than half of board meetings (90%) than non-users (88%).  

With a board portal, organizations can simplify meeting management though automated calendar invites and reminder emails, digitized agendas, and electronic ballots and polls. Board members were also more likely to agree that meetings are focused and productive when using board portals.

Improved Access to Meeting Materials

Board portals organize board books, meeting minutes and other board-related materials in a centralized location. Through a secure login, board members can access information online across multiple devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet).

In our report, 88% of board portal users felt that archived meeting minutes, organizational data and other resources were logically organized and easy to use, compared to only 58% of non-portal users.

Digitized documents that can be disseminated electronically also save time and money, and eliminate wasted resources by decreasing administrative costs related to printing, postage and board-packet compilation.    

Better Utilization of Board Member Talent

Our report found that 89% percent of board portal users believe member skills and talents are being effectively used by the organization, compared to 78% of non-users.

Board members are the lifeblood that keep your organization thriving; nurturing their talents and skillsets should be a priority. Board portals can keep track of member profiles, backgrounds, affiliations and skillsets, so that you can better align member participation with talents and interests.

The more connected board members are with aspects of your organization that they excel in, the more likely they will be to ignite passion into their work.

Overall, board management software leads to more satisfied board members. In our report, we discovered that members that use a board portal are more likely to be satisfied with their contributions than non-users (79% vs. 70%).

Interested in diving deeper into the current state of America’s boards? Download our report, “The 2015 Board Engagement Report.”    

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Image Source: Sam Beebe