Reinvigorate Board Members: The Power of a Mission Moment

describe the imageSometimes a board member’s fire might begin to dull, especially if they have been involved with your organization for a long time.

A “mission moment,” or similar moment of reflection, can be a powerful way to bring passion back into your board. This post offers ideas to help reinvigorate board members.

Bring Storytelling to Meetings

Every nonprofit has a story to tell. Utilizing existing board members, staff and volunteers as storytelling assets can be an effective strategy to rekindle passion.

In our Board Management Tips and Tricks Guide, board member, Kathie Roberts of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County stated, “We begin every board meeting with a mission moment—a brief presentation on a recent impact of a program or initiative of the Foundation.”

Encourage one to two people to share their mission moments with the group at each board meeting. This allows board members to express passions and reasons for joining, and helps refuel those that need reminded of impact.

Take a Look Back at Historical Impact

Showcasing stories about previous board members, donors and events can also help reignite board member passion. 

Kathie Roberts also stated in our report, “We have also added a one-minute look back in history at our key donors and their philanthropy. This educated the current board on the leaders of the past and how important they were to our current work.”

If board members are looking for a way to boost motivation and passion, a blast from the past may do the trick. It can provide valuable insight on how others have succeeded and inspiration on what’s possible.

Seek New Mission Moments  

Look for ways disengaged members can become more involved on a regular basis, so that they feel a stronger connection with the nonprofit.

Provide board members the chance to realign with your organization’s mission and values with hands-on experience. Becoming more involved may be just what they need to find their new mission moment.

Want to learn more on how to instill board member passion? Download our free interactive guide, “Board Member Tips and Tricks: A Community Curated Guide.”

How does your organization inspire board passion? Share in the comments below.

Image Source: Nick Perla