Gaining Executive Support for a Board Portal

describe the imageBoard portals are an effective way to reduce costs and build organizational capacity through more strategic and streamlined resource allocation.

A key factor in facilitating board portal adoption is gaining support from key decision makers. Below are steps you should take when seeking executive sponsorship.

Do Your Research

Before pitching a new technology to executives, first do your research. When conducting research and comparing vendors, consider factors such as:

  • Alignment of features and functionality with organizational needs.
  • Existing board management processes and improvement opportunities.
  • How much the platform will cost.
  • How much your organization can save in terms of time and printing costs.
  • Organization size and capabilities.
  • Return on investment.

Find a board portal that’s easy to implement and aligns with your organization’s goals.

Showcase Benefits

Present the many ways your organization can increase ROI and productivity with board portal adoption. Highlight the key benefits discovered during your research phase, so executives can see the big-picture advantages:

  • Centralize all valuable information online and streamline efficiency.
  • Create and mange board member profiles to increase engagement.
  • Enhance meeting management with calendars, automated reminders, and easily accessible agendas and minutes.
  • Increase communication across the board.

These benefits enhance board member processes to cut admin time, and help you reach revenue goals by boosting board member satisfaction and productivity, increasing board fundraising participation, and reducing paper and printing costs.

Provide an Implementation Plan

Show executives exactly how the implementation process would work by mapping out a detailed plan. Specifics to include in your plan are:

  • Determine potential candidates to test the system, utilizing a pilot program.
  • Evaluate how long the implementation period will be from start to finish.
  • Gather essential resources needed to train board members.
  • Identify necessary requirements needed to begin the process, such as setup capabilities and hosting specifications. 

Implementing a new system can be intimidating at first. Paint a picture for executives so they can see how seamless the transition can be if done properly.

Is your organization looking to adopt board portal technology? Download a free copy of our guide to learn more: “Board Portal Purchasing Guide.”


Image Source: Pictures of Money