Share Your Best Board Management Tips and Tricks


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Boards are vital to the long-term sustainability of NPOs, yet managing them can be plain old hard work.

Between finding the right talent mix, defining roles and delegating responsibilities, and simply keeping everyone informed, board management challenges are widespread.

So, where should one turn when the hurdles are mounting, the best course of action is unclear, or improvements have plateaued? We’d recommend your peers—those individuals and organizations who have “been there, done that.”

And we’re here to help facilitate the discussion.

Submit Your Board Management Best Practices

We’ve all picked up a trick or two along the way—whether it’s an out-of-the box idea to keep members engaged or a simple, yet often overlooked process tweak to improve efficiency. We’ve also all learned hard lessons that, if shared, could save others headaches.

Our team is looking to uncover these board management nuggets of wisdom. To do this, we’re collecting feedback from boards across the country on how to:

  • Improve board member engagement.
  • Recruit and retain members.
  • Simplify board communications and management.
  • Adopt a board portal.  

Join the conversation, and submit your tips here. In return, we’ll send you a compilation of the best board management advice we receive to help guide your organization’s governance strategies and processes. We’ll also enter you for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Image Source: Alan Levin