The 2015 Board Engagement Report

Board engagement is essential to any nonprofit’s success, but how do you keep members passionate? Simply put: The key lies in good board management—organized meetings, centralized board materials, strong communication channels, etc.

Need proof? In August 2015, StreamLink Software conducted a nationwide survey to uncover board member’s expectations, satisfaction levels and challenges. Our 2015 Board Engagement Report compiles valuable insight from almost 300 respondents.

Key findings include:

  • A focused and productive meeting is highly correlated to board satisfaction. When meetings are focused, productive and adhere to an agenda, 80% of members are satisfied. When they’re not, satisfaction plummets to 33%.
  • Well-articulated expectations create a kind of contract between board members and the organization, and give members a clear path to success. When board expectations and role responsibilities are defined, 80% are satisfied versus 50% when they aren’t.
  • Delivering meeting materials in a timely manner increases board member satisfaction from 53% to 78%.
  • When member skills and talents are effectively used by the organization, 83% are satisfied compared to 32% when they are not.

For a look at the current state of board engagement, download the full report.

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