The 2014 Board Engagement Report [Free Download]

Board Engagement ReportHow can nonprofit and board leaders improve board engagement and fully leverage the board’s potential in their organizations?

To answer this question, we surveyed active board members across the country to create The 2014 Board Engagement Report.

The report sheds light on the state of America’s boards, the expectations organizations have for their boards, and how board management affects member engagement. Below, we highlight a few key findings.

Boards Are Engaged

Overall, America’s board members are engaged. More than half of respondents stated that they are engaged (52%), and 31% described themselves as very engaged.

Engagement may stem in part from satisfaction with board membership expectations. Most believe that expectations and role responsibilities are clearly defined (84%), that they “understand expectations very well” (74%), and that the number of board meetings they’re expected to attend is reasonable (86%).

Nonprofits Overlook Available Capacity

Professionals often join boards to further their skills, contribute to a worthy cause and impact the strategic direction of an organization. Unfortunately, too many board members do not feel that the organization is fully benefitting from their abilities.

Survey results found that 22% of board members do not feel that their talents are being effectively utilized by the organization. This means that nonprofit and board leaders are leaving valuable skillsets on the table, shortchanging themselves and their board members.  

Technology Catalyzes Engagement

Nonprofit technology is a burgeoning space. Board portals and board management software have gained in popularity in recent years as a means for organizations to more effectively communicate with the board. Most organizations we surveyed do not use this technology, with only 36% citing use of a board portal.

But perhaps more nonprofit boards should. Comparing board management and board engagement, organizations that use a board portal cited more favorable responses from board members in satisfaction, productivity, access to information, impact on the organization’s strategic direction, and more.

Learn more about the state of America’s boards and the factors influencing board member engagement by downloading our free report, The 2014 Board Engagement Report.

How does your organization stack up?