How Engaged is Your Board? Respond to Our Survey!

STLK Survey

Editor’s note: The 2014 board engagement survey is now closed. Survey responses were compiled to generate the 2014 Board Engagement Report. Download the report here.


Our 2013 board engagement survey found that one in four board members aren’t fully engaged with the mission of their organizations. 

As the lifeblood of nonprofits, disengaged boards threaten organizational sustainability, minimize fundraising efforts, and endanger compliance and governance.

Has the state of board engagement improved, or are organizations still struggling to motivate board members and overcome complacency? What are thriving boards doing that others can learn from and emulate? We want to know, but need your help!

We invite you to participate in our brief board engagement survey. With your insight, we can gather detailed information on:

  • Alignment of board expectations and responsibilities
  • Board management and communication practices
  • Member engagement, impact and satisfaction levels

Responses will be compiled to form our 2014 report, which can serve as a benchmark for your organization and offer insight into how you can improve engagement.

Oh, and did we mention—All respondents will be entered for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card! That’s pretty awesome, right?

Interested in checking out the 2013 report? Download it here.

Image Credit: AJ Cann via Flickr