3 Purchasing Tips for Board Portal Adoption

The choice to integrate new technology into your board’s processes takes careful thought and consideration. Not all board portals are created equal, so it’s important to evaluate options against organizational needs and goals.

To help with the sometimes-cumbersome task of purchasing new technology, we’ve created the Board Portal Software Purchase Evaluation Guide. Below are three tips derived from the guide to help you on the road to successful technology selection.

1. Map Your Board’s Current Processes

What is process mapping? Process mapping is the exercise of documenting current board management and communication methods to better understand shortcomings and identify improvement areas. It helps expose communication deficiencies, overlapping tasks and process inefficiencies.

Process mapping can also help reveal how your board can benefit from technology, giving you a better idea of what features matter most.

Map Communications

Download the guide for an interactive process mapping worksheet.

2. Identify Compliance and Engagement Goals

A board portal should help your organization realize compliance and engagement goals.

Many organizations find themselves with unengaged boards due to passively managed expectations, untapped talent and a misalignment of mission.

A board portal can help you enforce and track your engagement goals to promote transparency, accountability and participation. Evaluate your board member expectations, and then seek a technology solution that supports them. 

Board expectations

Download the guide for an interactive expectations worksheet.

3. Define a Realistic Implementation Timeline

Seamless integration of your new technology purchase will not happen overnight. Identify a realistic rollout timeline for the best chance of adoption success. To pinpoint an achievable timeline, take into account: 

  • Vendor-specific implementation timelines
  • Whether the system is turnkey or requires addition configuration
  • Staff and board member training and rollout

Implementation Timeline

Download the guide for an interactive timeline worksheet. 

Are you ready to integrate a board portal into your organization’s processes? Read the full board portal purchasing guide for additional tips when evaluating software options.

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