How To Map Your Current Board Communication Processes

Poor communication processes are often a leading cause of low board engagement, which can be detrimental to your organization’s goals and mission. Luckily, diagnosing this problem within your organization is simple.

Process mapping is the exercise of documenting current processes to better understand shortcomings and identify improvement areas. It helps pinpoint communication deficiencies, as well as initiatives and technology solutions to overcome them.

Mapping current board communication processes also steers you toward technology that is compatible with your needs, instead of getting distracted by shiny new features.

How Process Mapping Works

Process mapping involves listing all board activities, and then pairing each with associated documents, responsible parties and communication methods. Doing so helps communication holes and inefficiencies become more apparent.

Map Board Processes

Use our free interactive worksheet to map your board’s processes.

As you map your board’s processes, consider the following:

  • How are you scheduling meetings and sending meeting reminders?
  • How are board communications and information distributed?
  • What do board and committee members use to communicate with one another?
  • Where are you housing necessary compliance documents, such as 990s, conflict of interest policies and procedures and independent director requirements?
  • How are you tracking board member expectations and performance?

Also, keep an eye out for obvious signs of low board engagement, including low meeting attendance, poor punctuality, high turnover and low productivity. If any of these factors are present, dive into your processes to see if there are ways to improve engagement.

Match communication process weaknesses you’ve identified with suitable board portal features that would remedy them. Keep desired functionality in mind when evaluating vendors to ensure your organization’s needs are met.

Looking for more information on board portal research, decision-making and implementation? Download the Board Portal Software Purchase Evaluation Guide.