Use the Board Portal Software Matrix to Compare Platforms

connecting board membersWhat board portal software features are important to your board? 

Once you’ve uncovered that your board could greatly benefit from a technology solution to streamline board management and communication, and improve compliance and engagement, it is then time to evaluate what specific features your board needs.

Board portals differ by sector, organization size, functionality and price. Designed to help simplify the process, the matrix within our Board Portal Software Purchasing Guide allows you to compare platforms and their features—but first, you must decide what features would positively impact your board’s processes.

Align Board Portal Features with Goals

Concentrate your search on the features that align with your goals—not just what’s shiny and new. Every organization differs in what they hope to gain from a technology solution. With this in mind, ensure that the portal you choose makes sense for your board’s specific needs. With the proper feature mix for your organization, you can:

  • Promote effective communication
  • Create more time-efficient processes
  • Enhance overall transparency
  • Help board members prepare for meetings
  • Access documents and notes anytime, from anywhere
  • Keep your board well-informed and active

Board Management and Communication Features

Always assess board portal functionality against your goals as you research vendors. As a starting point, consider the following management and communication features:

  • Shared meeting and event calendars
  • Task assignment capabilities
  • Member expectation and performance tracking
  • Ability to create ballots and polls
  • Automated email communications
  • Centralized board document storage, including 990s, conflict of interest policies and independent director requirements
  • Ability to post meeting minutes and notes

Gauge, too, the simplicity of the user interface, product flexibility, and pricing structure.

For an interactive guide to board portal research, decision-making and implementation, download the Board Portal Software Purchase Evaluation Guide.

Board Portal Purchase Evaluation Guide

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