Hey Nonprofit Board Members, You’re Not Afraid of Technology Are You?

A quick Google image search on the phrase “nonprofit board member” displays loads of photos of suit-clad people hanging out near long conference tables. In five pages of images, only three times did I spot someone using a computer. And in each case, one single person was the keeper of the laptop while those gathered around him had to rely on their impeccable memories.


Sure, these are cliché stock images, but are board members generally viewed as slow adopters to technology? And is technology the key factor to improving and maintaining board member engagement? Let’s try to find out.

Please take our brief survey about technology and board member engagement. The survey takes less than 5 minutes, and the results will be published later this summer.

Please share this link with your fellow board members, and anyone you know currently serving on a nonprofit board. Your help in allowing us to gather as much data as possible is greatly appreciated.