What’s So Special About a Board Portal?

7596649732_6fbb0d7f24_z.jpgIf you’re reading this article, chances are you’re doing your homework and trying to decide if your organization really needs a board portal.  As you may know, a board portal is software that allows board of directors to securely access board documents and collaborate with other board members electronically. But what you might not know is that a board portal is really supposed to work with and optimize the programs and processes already in place, not replace them. Here are just a few ways a board portal can help streamline document, information, meeting and member management.

Using a Board Portal for Document and Information Management

  • All board-related documents from board books to bylaws are stored securely in a cloud-based central repository, not passed around back and forth or stored on one person’s laptop. As a result, key information will be safe and available even if there are disruptions caused by anything from floods to changes in staffing.
  • Because of built-in securities, members can only access the documents they’re allowed to view
  • Meeting agendas and packets are created and perfectly organized in minutes. Documents produced in different programs are uniformly converted so members don’t have to open and switch between multiple software programs to read their meeting materials.

Using a Board Portal for Meeting Management

  • A central, organizational calendar helps make meeting planning easier, and built-in functionality automatically sends meeting reminders and helps keep track of member attendance.
  • The board portal automates the process by which action items get assigned, tracked, and managed.
  • Capture the motions presented and record the results which are viewable to applicable members.
  • Quickly access logically-organized board books, meeting documents, minutes and more, no matter where the meeting participants are located.
  • Creates an archive of past meetings for reference and compliance purposes.

Using a Board Portal for Member Management

  • Access the most current roster of board and committee members and key member data such as contact information, biographical content, special skills, and more.
  • Track and report time, expectations, and financial contributions members make to the organization.
  • Create a “bullpen” of potential board members, complete with pertinent information about them so you can act quickly when a position opens on the board.

A board portal can save time and eliminate a lot of frustration by simply creating a logical system and place for everything you need to manage your boards and committees effectively. Yes, you can absolutely manage boards and committees without a board portal. But why not take advantage of easy-to-use, affordable tools rather than cobbling together workarounds.

Image Source: Menlo Innovations