Managing Grants and Boards in Non Profit Organizations: People

When managers in non profit organizations and public sector organizations are asked about the topic of managing their boards, grants and other complex management areas, they typically respond in terms of managing people.  While managing people within nonprofit organizations is critically important, it is equally important to the long term success of nonprofit and public sector organizations is managing and automating the processes within which people do their jobs. 

For non profit organizations, as with private companies, managing people requires several areas of focus including:

  1. Setting clear expectations for the people within your nonprofit
  2. Maintaining meaningful communication with the individuals
  3. Ensuring that the individuals are meeting the required goals that align with your non profit organization’s strategy.
  4. Managing behavior and attitude so that they reflect your organizations expectations.
  5. Documenting, counseling and correcting behavior when it doesn’t meet your standards.

In addition, it is critical to help employees, staff and board members of non profit organizations develop their individual skills.  For nonprofit and public sector organizations, this is vitally important in order to retain key talent that might otherwise leave for higher paying private sector opportunities.  Organizations can use cost-effective training and development resources such as seminars, mentoring programs or internal training.  Skills development plans should be documented and progress towards goals should be monitored on a monthly basis. 

While all of this sounds simple, there are challenges to implementing these techniques and to monitoring how well they are working.  Often these challenges are exacerbated when the right systems and processes are not in place within the nonprofit organization.  So realistically, even the most skilled managers will have a challenge managing a nonprofit of any size without first maturing these processes.

In the next segment, you’ll discover the ways that improving processes can help make your nonprofit organization more efficient while improving your ability to manage the people within your organization.

Image Source: Baltic Development Forum