Tips To Using Your Nonprofit Board As A Catalyst For Public Trust

Non profit board managementPublic trust is an understanding that anyone who represents the public must exercise respect and good stewardship of that which it is handling for the benefit of the public.

Nonprofit organizations by nature strive to gain public trust, and so must reflect these principles of respect and good stewardship (i.e. by setting up a board). And, with the state of the current economy, the public is increasingly weary of supporting just any nonprofit.

Thus, nonprofit organizations face increased scrutiny from donors and the board in meeting compliance obligations. Yet by developing and cultivating board members that are key stakeholders, a non-profit can also really connect to the public.

So how can a non-profit both meet compliance and engage stakeholders? The solution: non-profit board management software. It can help meet compliance regulations and engage board members and ultimately the public to your cause.

Using Non-Profit Board Management Software to Catalyze Public Trust

Now, a non-profit board forms the leadership core to an organization, ensuring that there is oversight in the areas of finance, compliance, and development. They legitimize your organization in the eyes of the public while also being a vital connection to it.

By using innovative software that helps your non-profit board management,you can turn your board into a catalyst to gaining public trust. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Provide accurate and accessible reporting – increase transparency by communicating within your organization and to the public
  • Incorporate best practices to help measure performance – show tracked progress to meeting desired goals
  • Centralize a source for documents and communications – offer one location for individuals, committees and members to interact
  • Save a lot of time and paperwork by communicating electronically – put more money towards your end-goal
  • Engage trustees – allow trustees to access data and communications that help them feel more a part of what is happening
  • Increase compliance – offer a clear overview of compliance rules that need to be met and how they are being met
  • Increase engagement – show what is going on within your non-profit and by allowing communications like agendas, meeting notes, polls on approval/disapproval of motions etc.
  • No longer rely on one person’s organizational knowledge – use a platform that has the organizational framework while allowing all to contribute
  • Lastly, ask people to participate on your board, become a member and get a feel for the heart of your organization. By actively engaging them and giving them the right tools, they can also become some of your best fund-raisers.

Non-profit board management software such as BoardMax enables the organizations to be compliant while also really engaging the board to be an active part of what is happening within your non-profit. This allows the board to better represent and work towards the interests of your organization. They will gain public trust and ultimately help your non-profit to be connected to the public you need to stay afloat.

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