Nonprofit E-Governance is Good Governance!

Nonprofit board governanceNonprofit organizations and other public institutions such as schools run on the people that are willing to invest in and come along side of their ‘cause’. These are often organizations fueled by the people, for the people.

This means that governing nonprofits is all about engaging people, and doing so in a way that creates real results.

Unfortunately, in an increasingly globalized and electronically driven marketplace, traditional methods of engaging and managing the personnel of your nonprofit are most likely not giving you the same results as in the past.

So, many of you (like us), might be transitioning into new roles with new requirements. Your organization might be putting aside old methods and experimenting in the use of social media and incorporating more web-based tools into your daily protocols. However, making the switch to electronic nonprofit board governance doesn’t need to be just about ‘keeping up’ with trends. Instead, many of these new tools have been designed to increase the ease of governance within your organization.

So here a few ways that we have discovered e-governance to meet our needs in nonprofit board governance (as well as member and leadership volunteer governance):


First of all, it allows you to engage your staff and board anytime, anywhere:

  • You don’t have to wait for that next board meeting to bring up a new idea, because you can do it online
  • You can use electronic calendars to set the next meeting or important dates, and you can send reminders easily
  • You can make last-minute changes to a document or proposal that is stored online for everyone to easily view and access


Secondly, operating electronically can make you much more cost-efficient & help save on unnecessary paper shoveling:

  • You can potential save on staff that normally handles the paperwork and agenda-setting, as you now can access all electronically
  • You save on a paper and other office supplies
  • You can better track performance and easily generate reports electronically
  • And you can manage and track grants and funding easily online (software AmpliFund is great for that)


Third, nonprofit board governance through e-governance also helps you keep up with compliance requirements:

  • You can keep track of all these things in one place with software, tracking audit requirement or third party and accrediting agency requirements
  • You can make sure there are no conflicts of interest with the board members


Lastly, electronic nonprofit board governance increases involvement:

  • Members can know what their role is in an organization, and what is required of the them in terms of time and talent
  • They can submit new ideas and can track how group goals are being met Members can also easily access and set board agendas at home


This is just a short list of how switching to electronic and online tools can really help you create comprehensive and easily accessible environment to handle your nonprofit or other institution. There are great software programs out there, including BoardMax and AmpliFund from StreamLink. Be sure to check them out and discover how e-governance is good governance!

For strategies on how to better engage your board, download our free ebook, Maximizing Board Engagement and Effectiveness.